Where would I Be

Where would I be without thee? It is a question I dare not entertain

It is a question that haunts my dreams, it is a meditation that moves me to tears

To know I would be nothing more than dust nothing more than what my broken mind could conceive, imagine or create out of a broken world.

If the Lord had not been at my side, I fear my story would be one of tragedy, hopelessness and everything to define a lost cause

I would have nowhere but my fantasy and my unreality to escape such pain and loss

Where would I be without thee oh Lord, do not answer let not this meditation be more than a journey within my mind

For if I had not You oh Lord my God at my side, I would not be tender to the
broken and to the bitter kind.

If the Lord had not been with me, My story would be nothing in comparison to the society or an other man’s case
If I had not Thee with me oh God, The mirror would not reveal my true face

You are my Life, You the greatest part of what I hold most dear

If the Lord had not been at my side, death would be my story and
life would be my greatest fear.